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Siuzanna Iglidan is a Ukrainian-American performing, and award-winning artist. Siuzanna was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1986, into a family of professional teachers who encouraged her studies in music and composition, as well as orchestra conducting. Ms. Iglidan received a master degree in performing arts as a bandura player and orchestra conducting. She has molded herself into an accomplished composer and brilliant piano and bandura player. During her time at a music academy, Siuzanna discovered her love and talent in opera which she chose to pursue.

 In April of 2022 she gave the biggest performance of her career. Siuzanna performed alongside John Legend at the 64th annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. In front of thousands of patrons and millions of television viewers, she and Legend performed a powerful piece written by John in tribute to Ukraine, with him singing on the piano while Siuzanna accompanied him on the bandura. The performance was an immediate hit, drawing attention from people and organizations from around the world. This high honor was a pivot point in her newfound success with dozens of major news networks, radio stations and major media publications such as, Fox News, CNN, BBC, Good Morning America, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and many others, taking a strong interest in her musical talents, but more specifically, the bandura. She conquered one of the biggest stages in music and now looks ahead to the future of her music under the spotlight.







Siuzanna has been an honored guest to numerous international festivals such as Pranas Stepulis International Chamber Music Festival in Lithuania, Noncho Vodenicharov International Folkloric Music Festival in Bulgaria, Pskov’s International Festival of Performers on Multi-String Instruments in Russia. Iglidan has received numerous awards including two honorary awards from the Ukrainian government as well as being named the “Honored Worker” of Ukrainian culture.

Siuzanna debuted her operatic career as Fidalma in the opera “The secret Marriage” by Chimarosa, conducted by maestro Mauro Trombetta, who is the artistic director of the National Opera of Rome. She sang with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera performing the role of Cornelia in “Julius Cesar in Egypt” by Handel and Mercedes in “Carmen” by Bizet. Other roles include Cherubino from “The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart), Lel from “Snow Maiden” (Rimsky-Korsakov) and Olga from “Eugene Onegin” (Tchaikovsky).

 In 2017 she founded Global Musical Bridges which is a non-profit organization focused on helping young and aspiring artists pursue a career in their chosen field of music. She is currently the President and CEO. A year later, Ms. Iglidan founded “International Rhapsody Youth Piano Competition” in Los Angeles and “Songbirds International Youth Music Festival” in Denver, CO.  

 Besides music Siuzanna is interested in fashion, beauty pageants, the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. She continues her career as a performing artist in the United States where big opportunities have continued to present themselves, to which she has earned through her hard work.

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